Attractions Spotlight: Living Desert Zoo & Gardens

| July 7, 2016
Family Feeding Giraffe

The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens is a zoo and desert botanical garden located right in the heart of Palm Desert. Originally called the Living Desert Museum, the family-friendly attraction is one of Palm Desert’s most popular attractions. The sprawling attraction boasts over 1,200 protected acres that represent various desert environments found throughout North America and Africa. It is home to more than 450 wild animals, an incredible variety of native desert plants, beautiful nature… read more

Five great front lawn ideas for your Palm Springs home

| June 8, 2016

Front Lawn Ideas – Palm Springs Homes Thinking about sprucing up curb appeal for your Palm Springs home? Take a look at some of these fantastic ideas: Plant a few palm trees It may seem pretty obvious, but you’re living in Palm Springs – give your home that Palm Springs look by adding some palm trees to your lawn. Palm trees make any lawn look like a piece of paradise, plus they offer shade and… read more

Top five things to check in a desert home

| May 31, 2016

There’s definitely something enchanting about living in a desert home. North American deserts offer breathtaking rugged landscapes, awe-inspiring sunsets, and a natural beauty that just isn’t present anywhere else in the country. Desert Homes While moving into a desert home is certainly exciting, it also helps if you’re well-informed. Here are a few things to look out for: Materials Materials used for desert homes are different than those typically found in other homes in the… read more

Financing your investment property purchase

| May 13, 2016

With home prices gradually increasing after the housing crash, many are left wondering if investing in the real estate market is still a good idea. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) however, predicts steady growth for the industry in most parts of the country, with low interest rates continuing to attract buyers. Financing Investment Property Despite the low interest rates however, the tightened credit market can make it more difficult to secure a loan for… read more

Ten negotiating tips homebuyers need to know

| June 2, 2016
negotiate through phone

Negotiating is an essential skill to have in the real estate business. When you’re buying a property, you’re after the best possible price and terms, and it is through successful negotiating that will help you achieve that goal. Negotiating Tips Here are a few tips that can help improve your negotiating skills: Get pre-approved before searching for a home Your offer stands a much better chance if it includes mortgage pre-approval. The pre-approval process can… read more

Your definitive guide to renting out your property

| May 20, 2016

California is home to a thriving rental market, making more and more homeowners consider renting out their property to earn more money. While the state’s robust rental market is certainly very encouraging, most people tend to overlook the many responsibilities attached to being a landlord. Renting Out your Property Putting your property up for rent is not as simple as looking for a tenant and making them sign a contract – it involves preparation, research,… read more

Five best golf courses in the Palm Springs area

| June 13, 2016

Golfers of any skill level can choose from a fine selection of world class championship golf courses in the Palm Springs region. These courses offer the best golfing experience, with first-class facilities, masterfully designed layouts, and picture-perfect views. Take a look at these five must-try golf courses in the Palm Springs area: Indian Wells Golf Resort Indian Wells Even the most experienced golfers will be challenged at the Indian Wells Golf Resort’s Players Course. The… read more

10 reasons why real estate is a great investment

| May 16, 2016

It’s easy to start Investing on Real Estate Specialist knowledge or training isn’t a requirement for property investors. There are many successful real estate investors who never intended to earn through selling properties – they simply bought a house, saw its value increase over time, and discovered it’s a great way to earn more money. It’s easier compared to stocks or shares Getting into stocks is difficult: you need to have a solid grasp of… read more

Home upgrades that might not be worth it

| June 6, 2016

For many homeowners, home upgrades are a great way to add functionality, beautify your living space, or increase your home’s value. Unfortunately, many fall into the trap wherein they consider a major upgrade mainly for their own personal reasons, and simply assume that it will add value when they eventually sell their home. This is not always the case – there are certain upgrades that may not be worth pursuing, as they may be considered… read more

How to figure out a budget for your home renovation

| May 18, 2016
Budgeting at your home

Setting a budget for home renovation is often tricky, given the nature of construction. It’s very common for homeowners to set ambitious renovation projects, only to end up disappointed when they discover they can’t afford the cost. Home Renovation Budget Many are not aware that a budget constraint can actually improve a home renovation project. Sticking to a budget will help narrow down your options, resulting to more focused goals and better overall results. Here… read more

Real Estate Market in Coachella Valley

| December 6, 2015

Developers and experts believe the real estate market in this prime area in Southern California – where winters are warmer and exotic flora and fauna are found – is back to normal. According to reports, 286 new homes were built in the area in the first half of 2015. Median price range for these homes is 12 % percent higher than that of 2014. This is a good sign that means the housing market in… read more

Investing in tee time: What makes a golf property worth your money?

| November 23, 2015

A home on a golf property is the ultimate investment. Teeing off anytime you feel like doing so, wandering around landscaped surroundings, and living on prime property, have perks you can never resist. Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect investment. Properties on golf courses have their own risks. The good news is a discerning eye, some research, and lots of good judgement will make sure you’re putting your hard-earned money in the… read more