Five great front lawn ideas for your Palm Springs home

Lawn Improvement

Front Lawn Ideas – Palm Springs Homes

Thinking about sprucing up curb appeal for your Palm Springs home? Take a look at some of these fantastic ideas:

Plant a few palm trees

It may seem pretty obvious, but you’re living in Palm Springs – give your home that Palm Springs look by adding some palm trees to your lawn. Palm trees make any lawn look like a piece of paradise, plus they offer shade and cover, are easy to maintain, and are resistant to strong winds.

Add an earthy look to your concrete walls

Balance out the rigid look of concrete walls with an earthy touch by planting a couple of small trees, leafy greens, or flowers near them. If it sounds like too much work, visit your nearest gardening center, and see if they have hanging plants you can add to your walls. You can also consider using reclaimed wood as accents for a more rustic look.

Camouflage your exterior

Give your home an interesting look by making it blend in with the landscape. To achieve this, give your front lawn a wilderness-inspired look by adding a few cacti, desert plants, and a rock garden. Use natural, earthy tones for your home, so it looks more like part of the landscape. Add a sandy flagstone path leading to your front door to complete the look.

Get creative with your front steps

Give your front steps a unique look by adding different elements. Use a mixture of concrete and wood, add some water features, and line the path with rocks or plants. If space allows, you may also want to consider cascading circle steps, which will make any entrance look elegant.

Line walls with hedges

Give your home a secret garden-inspired feel by lining your walls with hedges. This look goes is greatly complemented by a brick pathway, water features, and a well-maintained garden.