Home upgrades that might not be worth it

Home UpgradesFor many homeowners, home upgrades are a great way to add functionality, beautify your living space, or increase your home’s value.

Unfortunately, many fall into the trap wherein they consider a major upgrade mainly for their own personal reasons, and simply assume that it will add value when they eventually sell their home. This is not always the case – there are certain upgrades that may not be worth pursuing, as they may be considered too expensive to maintain or are just downright unattractive, thus repelling prospective buyers.

Home Upgrades

Here are several home upgrades that might not be worth it:

High-maintenance outdoor areas

A beautiful, well-maintained garden is always a great feature, but not everyone has the time or money to maintain it. Whenever prospective buyers see professionally maintained gardens with complex water features or other premium upgrades, it’s likely they’ll think about the upkeep, and how much time or money it’ll cost. Don’t go overboard; having a healthy, well-maintained yard should be enough.

Wall-to-wall carpeting

Nice, carpeted floors feel comfortable, but they trap allergens and are harder to clean compared to solid surfaces like wood. Many buyers like to see solid flooring – if they see too much carpeted areas, chances are they’ll immediately think if some of the flooring underneath can be salvaged. It’s better to invest your money into refinishing your solid floor surfaces, rather than using carpet to cover them.

Swimming pools

Swimming pools might be great for hot summer days, families with kids, or just the occasional dip whenever you want to relax. Unfortunately, they’re expensive to maintain, and are considered dangerous for buyers with small children. In some states like Arizona or Florida, having a pool is expected, so it’s best to understand its value in your local area before you think about installing one.

Bonus rooms that are too specific

You want buyers to envision themselves living in your home. If your home has any bonus rooms, it must have a clear purpose that appeals to a wide audience. Avoid renovating existing rooms that are too specific, such as art or music studios or wine rooms, as buyers will probably just want it as a guest room.