Poul Andersen and Ed Klosterman

To: Bob Deville; Bob Bennion
Subject: Diane Williams

Gentlemen, I thought you might like to see a letter I wrote to Diane Williams regarding our recent purchase in Indian Ridge Country Club. Diane’s team was superb, and made the whole thing a positive experience.

Best regards, Poul Andersen

Dear Diane,

I am so pleased that Red Arrow Trail has closed. In all reality, this experience has brought new insight and humility to myself and Ed. We are so used to doing things in a 60’s/70’s kind of way. We have learned that life in the world today is different, with new rules on how to do things. It’s no longer trust what I say, verification of things are needed. In that regard, I must say, your recommendation of Annette Eustice was right on the mark. Annette had to guide two old dogs through the new world of mortgage loans. Annette never went in a negative direction, when she easily could have with Ed and myself. I am thankful to have worked with someone so positive. If not for her can do attitude, I’m not certain this transaction would have ended as well as it has. Many of the things that happened during this transaction, were mainly because of things or requests that Ed and I thought were over the top of normal in our world, but in reality, are the norm in our new world. We are thankful and happy for all the work of your entire team, and we have already referred new business to Annette and the folks at Franklin. I always used to tell the people who worked for me, things can happen along the way in a transaction, as long as the last taste in the customers mouth is positive, you have done your job well, to the best of your ability, which is true in this case.

All the best, and looking forward to working with you and your team going forward.

Poul Andersen and Ed Klosterman


From: Bob Deville 
Subject: Diane Williams

Good Morning Poul and Ed,

As owner of Bennion Deville Homes I want to personally thank you for your business, trust and recognition of Diane Williams.

She is top in her field and one of the hardest working women I have the pleasure of associating with.

Wishing you the very best in your new home and I appreciate your recognition.

Bob Deville

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