Top five things to check in a desert home

right homeThere’s definitely something enchanting about living in a desert home. North American deserts offer breathtaking rugged landscapes, awe-inspiring sunsets, and a natural beauty that just isn’t present anywhere else in the country.

Desert Homes

While moving into a desert home is certainly exciting, it also helps if you’re well-informed. Here are a few things to look out for:


Materials used for desert homes are different than those typically found in other homes in the rest of the country. Wood for example, is not practical in the desert – it tends to warp and distort because of the intense temperature and dry desert air. Homes built from materials like adobe, stone, or ICF concrete are the best, as these can withstand the harsh environment, and keep it cool indoors. Another thing to look out for are tinted and treated windows, as these significantly reduce cooling costs and protect your home from intense sun rays.

Temperature control

Because of the intense desert heat, temperature control is very important. Many people simply choose to run their AC units round-the-clock, but this results in sky-high electricity bills. A well-designed desert home has high ceilings with ceiling fans, quality blinds and drapes, and strategically placed window fans that help circulate the air and minimize the heat.

Desert landscaping

A desert yard is one of the most prominent features that separate a desert home from most traditional homes found in the country. Desert landscaping adds a very unique look, with vegetation such as hop bush, desert sage, and a wide variety of cacti. Many homes also use rock gardens in place of grassy yards.

Outdoor features

Homes that take advantage of the unique desert environment are definitely a huge plus. Desert homes are perfect for outdoor patios, grilling areas with large umbrellas, tropical-style swimming pools and so on. And while it’s hot during most of the day, desert areas are cool during the evenings – dramatic lighting and fire pits will turn any home into an evening desert oasis perfect for parties or simply relaxing while watching the sunset.

Solar panels

Desert homes are perfect for solar paneling. These days, solar panels are very affordable, so many homes take advantage of the scorching hot sun to reduce energy costs, sometimes bringing power bills to zero. In addition, some municipalities actually pay homeowners with solar panels for extra power that they provide back into the power grid.